Bob Bettis Classic - July 8-10 2016

The 2nd Annual Bob Bettis Classic is scheduled for July 8-10 (Fri-Sun) 2016.
North Little Rock Elks Lodge 1004 - 123 Broadway, NLR (across from Verizon Arena) directions

This is a $6,500 tournament featuring four LOD events one of which is "soft-tip". (see attached flyer for full schedule of events)
All events are $12 per person - registration ends 15 minutes prior to event start time. Trophies awarded to 1st and 2nd in each event.
Darting venue is non-smoking but the downstairs full-bar is smoker friendly (there will also be drink service in darting venue)

The Wyndham Riverfront in North Little Rock is within walking distance and there are also several fine hotels in downtown Little Rock just across the river.
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2016 Spring Season

2016 Spring Season

Congratulations to the Punishers on winning the league championship
Bryan Elithorpe, Ricky Cannaday, Zoltan Lapicz, Mike Messer, and Shane Wolfe

The season ending party will be Saturday May 21st at Iron Horse Saloon directions BBQ and sides will be served at 4:00 with awards at 5:00 and the big $250 added LOD at 6:00. Fee for LOD will be $5 ($10 for guest who wish to participate). Another change in addition to the day and time is that there will be no fee for members spouses and guests as we want this to be a party and an opportunity to grow the league.
Trophies for top two teams in each division as well as top QPA will be handed out - also there will be door prizes for a lucky few members.
Iron Horse has a great outdoor area that should add to the party atmosphere on a beautiful May evening - someone may even organize a horseshoe tournament.

Final Season standings are available at the link on the top of the page.

We have 22 teams this year in four divisions - hope to see you all at Iron Horse.

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General Membership meeting

General Membership meeting for spring 2016

A few changes that have been approved at the general membership meeting;
    Member dues/fees will be increased from 20 to 25 dollars beginning next season (Fall 2016)
    League playoff seeding will now be set by a random draw of qualifying teams.
    When computing QPA - games played in doubles matches will count as half a game.

2015 Fall Season

LRDA 2015 Fall Season

Fall season is complete - hope everyone had a great time and it was great seeing you at the Party.

Attached are the final standings and QPA lists for each division and overall.

Congratulations to the Punishers on winning the League Championship.

Ricky Canaday
Zoltan Lapicz
Mike Messer
Shane Wolfe
Brian Ellithorpe

Top 40/16 Tournaments - Top 40 Men and Top 16 Women for the 2015 Fall season
Congrats to Jerry Williams and Teresa Crossland on winning the Top 40/16 tournament.
Runners-up were John Halderman and Olivia Lieblong.

Other important upcoming dates;
1/14/16 - Spring 2016 General Membership meeting (location TBD)
1/21/16 - Spring 2016 season begins.
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