LRDA – AR Food Bank Charity Shoot

On March 29, 2014, the Little Rock - Arkansas Food Bank Charity Shoot will be held at the Eagles Club (Click here for directions) in Little Rock, AR. Various events, open to all dart players, will be played during the weekend and will award gift prizes through unseeded single elimination brackets. This is an official LRDA fund raiser and we ask that everyone please come out and help raise money for this very worthy cause.

Click here to view LRDA Charity Shoot spot on KTHV This Morning (3/24/14)

Click here to view LRDA Charity Shoot spot on KTHV Evening News (3/29/14)

Saturday’s line up looks like this:

1:00PM: Men’s Singles - Pub Series - Single Elimination - $5/person minimum donation

1:30PM: Women’s Singles - Pub Series - Single Elimination - $5/person minimum donation

3:00PM: Men’s Doubles - Pub Series - Single Elimination - $10/team minimum donation

3:30PM: Women’s Doubles - Pub Series - Single Elimination - $10/team minimum donation

5:30PM: Open Luck of the Draw - Pub Series - Single Elimination - $5/person minimum donation

8:00PM: Open Luck of the Draw - Pub Series - Double Elimination - $6 entry – 100% payout
Saturday night LOD rules will be in effect. Mystery Out & Bull Shot pots will be active.
Winner’s bracket will be Pub Series. Loser’s bracket will be Cork’s Choice (1 game).

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you would like to volunteer to help raise prizes, set up/tear down the standards, etc. please don’t hesitate to call or text me.

John Halderman
Vice President, LRDA

2014 Spring Season

The 2014 Spring Season with run from 1/23/14 through 5/1/14 (15 weeks).
Schedule is available by clicking on the Current Schedule link on the banner.
Playoffs will be Wed 5/7/14 and Thur 5/8/14 with the League Championship Thur 5/15/14.
Since there are four division this season the top two teams in each division will make the playoffs there will be no wildcards.
Score sheets must be turned in on time to avoid penalties. This season we will allow scanned copies or photos of the score sheets to be text or emailed to the league secretary as long as they are clear and legible. Any unused envelopes should be turned back in to the league at the end of the season as this will cut down on expenses.
Everyone throw well and have fun!

2014 Spring General Membership meeting

After some heated debate two changes to the LRDA rules were approved. (Complete LRDA Rules available by clicking on LRDA Rules link on banner above).
Rules changes are attached below (4.1.3 and 4.10)
Charity function at FOE March 29 was discussed - more details later.
A motion passed to start all LRDA function like league matches and meetings at 7:30.
A motion passed for the Top40/16 tournament to use a seeded bracket.
John Halderman is looking for volunteers for the upcoming LRDA Open in July.
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LRDA Christmas Party

The Christmas party was December 19th at The Eagles Club, FOE. (The same location as the Little Rock Open.)
This was be a night of fun food and darts for LRDA members.

League Champion traveling trophy was presented to The Punishers (congrats).

The LOD paid out to many teams but the big winners were Ricky Canaday and Ty Colman followed by Wayne Depriest and Trey Carter.